Marketa Jirouskova

Journeys: Marketa Jirouskova

Thru December 29
Presented by: Glen Echo Park
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"Journeys" refers to Marketa Jirouskova's main source of inspiration: a journey itself as a long, arduous travel in search of nature's highlights, in the footsteps of earlier explorers, or following her own paths. The exhibition presents images of exotic birds and iguanas on isolated islands in the Pacific Ocean; penguins and polar bears with iceberg backdrops in Antarctica and the North Pole; and the highest mountains on earth in the Himalayas. Jirouskova creates a wonderland composed of pristine, uninhabited, and undisturbed places, difficult to leave for their beauty and harmony, where human traces are still minimal or non-existent. Jirouskova traveled to those remote destinations to create evocative, almost painting-like, intimate portraits of our natural world. She hopes to inspire the public with respect, appreciation, and admiration of nature worth preserving.

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