Left: Thien Nguyen, Right: Pat Silbert

Earthly Elements Earth, air, fire, water - and spirit

Thru November 2
Presented by: Waverly Street Gallery
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Earth, air, fire, and water are vital and they are interconnected by spirit. They generate life, sustain growth, mature and die – only to generate life again. The spiritual life energy of all living things flows throughout the elements, regenerating the eternal cycle of life.

Silbert’s paintings reflect her love of the natural world and her belief in the positive energies she feels are working to help us preserve this earthly home. Her paintings reflect old earthly mythologies, trees and the living earth beneath. For Silbert ancient Buddhist images painted by monks a thousand years ago reflect some of those powerful positive energies.

Thien’s pots emerge from earth and fire. They are at once contemporary and timeless: a combination of masterly throwing, free flow glazing, and raku firing. Thien tries to capture the spontaneity of life in his pieces. He pours the glaze so that it finds it own path around the pot, to create a natural landscape. The final result is set by fire. 

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