The Puppet Co. Playhouse

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At the Puppet Co., we have a passion for puppets and the art of puppetry. Our critically acclaimed and award-winning puppet shows incorporate hand puppets, rod puppets, marionettes ( string puppets ), masks, costume figures, and every trick in the book to entertain and amaze family audiences. Our home, the Puppet Co. Playhouse, is located in Glen Echo Park, Maryland, ten minutes outside Washington, DC.

Feb. 21 – Mar. 24Rapunzel
Feb. 23 – Aug. 18Tiny Tots - Baby Bear’s Birthday
Mar. 9 – Aug. 24Tiny Tots - World on a String
Mar. 20 – Sep. 1Tiny Tots - Teddy Bear’s Picnic
Mar. 28 – May. 5Jack and the Beanstalk
Apr. 6 – 14Tiny Tots - Bunny Business
Apr. 20 & 28Tiny Tots - Jellybean Circus
May. 1 – 12Tiny Tots - Mother Goose Caboose
May. 9 – Jun. 23Cinderella
May. 18 – 26Tiny Tots - Clowning Around
Jun. 1 & 2Tiny Tots - ”Sing-a-Long”
Jun. 5 – 15Tiny Tots - Panda-Monium
Jun. 19 – 29Tiny Tots - Old MacDonald’s Farm
Jun. 28 – Aug. 4Circus
Jul. 7 – 13Tiny Tots - Imaginary Friends
Jul. 17 & 21Tiny Tots - Dragon Babies
Jul. 24 & 27Tiny Tots - Magic Toyshop
Jul. 31 – Aug. 10Tiny Tots - Penguins’ Playground
Aug. 8 – Sep. 1The Three Billy Goats Gruff

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The Puppet Co. Playhouse

7300 MacArthur Boulevard
Glen Echo, MD 20812
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