Ford's Theatre

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A working theatre, historical monument, world-class museum and learning center, Ford’s Theatre is the premier destination in Washington, D.C. to explore and celebrate the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln. The site of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, Ford’s Theatre offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in America’s past while revealing meaningful connections to today. As a working theatre, Ford’s produces plays and musicals exploring the American experience and the Lincoln legacy. The theatre, its museum and Aftermath Exhibits at the education center are also open for daytime visits that educate patrons about Civil War Washington and Lincoln’s life, assassination and legacy.

Historic Site 9am-4:30pm. Varies. Theatre performances, time varies.
Thru Aug. 3History on Foot: Investigation: Detective McDevitt
Thru Oct. 26One Destiny
Apr. 19 – May. 16Into the Woods
Sep. 28 – Oct. 27Fences

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Ford's Theatre

511 10th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20004
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