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Thu. May 9JxJ: The State Against Mandela And The Others
Thu. May 9JxJ: Back To Maracana
Thu. May 9JxJ: Black Honey: The Life And Poetry Of Avraham Sutzkever
Thu. May 9JxJ: The Mover
Sat. May 11JxJ: Anna's War
Sat. May 11JxJ: The Dive
Sat. May 11JxJ: Wild Kids
Sat. May 11JxJ: From Cairo To The Cloud: The World Of The Cairo Geniza
Sat. May 11JxJ: Unsettling
Sat. May 11JxJ: Working Woman
Sat. May 11JxJ: The Passengers
Sat. May 11JxJ: Sustainable Nation
Sun. May 12JxJ: Hasidistock (Episodes 1-3)
Sun. May 12JxJ: Hidden Face
Sun. May 12JxJ: Set Apart
Sun. May 12JxJ: Fiddler: A Miracle Of Miracles
Sun. May 12JxJ: The Light of Hope
Sun. May 12JxJ: Back To The Jewture
Sun. May 12JxJ: Diverse Or Di-Tryin’
Sun. May 12JxJ: City Of Joel
Sun. May 12JxJ: Chewdaism: A Taste Of Jewish Montreal
Sun. May 12JxJ: Shooting Life
Mon. May 13JxJ: Shut Up And Play The Piano
Mon. May 13JxJ: Back To The Jewture
Mon. May 13JxJ: Forgotten Soldier
Mon. May 13JxJ: Barbara Rubin And The Exploding New York Underground
Tue. May 14JxJ: Brussels Transit
Tue. May 14JxJ: Set Apart
Tue. May 14JxJ: Leona
Tue. May 14JxJ: King Bibi
Wed. May 15JxJ: The Unorthodox
Wed. May 15JxJ: Family in Transition
Wed. May 15JxJ: Dudu Tassa & The Kuwaitis: Don't Be So Modest, You Aren't That Great!
Wed. May 15JxJ: The Conductor (Episodes 1-2)

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Landmark Theatres E Street Cinema

555 11th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001
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