Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital

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Founded in 1993, the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. It has become one of the world's largest and most influential showcases of environmental film and a major collaborative cultural event in Washington, D.C. Each March the Festival presents a diverse selection of high quality environmental films, including many Washington, D.C., U.S. and World premieres. Documentaries, narratives, animations and shorts are shown, as well as archival, experimental and children's films at venues throughout the city.

Screenings are enhanced by discussion with filmmakers, environmental experts, scientists, and cultural leaders; many are free.

EFF: Diversity & Impact Workshop
EFF: Anthropocene: The Human Epoch
EFF: Diversity & Impact Panel
EFF: The Woman Who Loves Giraffes
EFF: The Most Unknown
EFF: World Water Day Program
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Current Revolution
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Beatrix Farrand’s American Landscapes
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Shorts Program: Profiles and Perspectives
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Genesis 2.0
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Shorts Program: Alumni Spotlight
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Shorts Program: Student Cinema
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Shorts Program: Local Waterways
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Exploring the Real World of Virtual Reality
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Ghost Fleet
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Sharkwater Extinction: Closing Night Special Presentation + Reception
Sat. Mar 23EFF: Anthropocene: The Human Epoch
Sun. Mar 24EFF: When Lambs Become Lions
Sun. Mar 24EFF: Sharkwater Extinction
Sun. Mar 24EFF: Tigerland
Sun. Mar 24EFF: Meow Wolf: Origin Story
Sun. Mar 24EFF: The River and the Wall
Sun. Mar 24EFF: Acid Forest
Sun. Mar 24EFF: Eric Moe Award Best Shorts Program
Sun. Mar 24EFF: A Modern Shepherdess
Sun. Mar 24EFF: Shorts Program: Earth in Frame
Sun. Mar 24EFF: Grit

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Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital

1224 M Street NW, Suite 301
Washington, DC 20005
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